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Meet Preferred Builders

Building the Future
Founded in 2018 by Jackson Deaquino who has 23 years of experience in all areas of construction, our company has transformed dreams into reality, growing with confidence and competency, thanks to the passionate collaborators that we work with. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed your expectations and deliver the best high-end quality services with professionalism and simplicity. We perform our services with confidence to offer our customers' the peace of mind they deserve.


Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy our customers' needs with efficiency and empathyWe are a company dedicated to providing the best service for numerous construction areas and projects. We are well suited to build and or renovate your home, or your commercial space.

Our Values

Transparency and respect to each and everyone. Commitment with quality attendind to the needs of all our customers. Maintain a trusted relationship with our collaborators and partners. 


 Why Choose Preferred Builders?

Free Estimates

Once you contact us, we'll schedule a visit, assess the details of the project, and provide a detailed estimate for your project all free of charge.


We take care of the planning of services and materials needed for each step of your project.


We manage the planning and execution of your construction project, administering the use of materials while offering the best technical solutions when necessary.

working space
Clean and organized

We maintain our working spaces clean and organized to minimize environmental pollution and prevent work accidents.

We assess and plan the purchase of materials optimizing such purchase to facilitate the control and delivery of materials.

Quality workers

We offer a qualified team of workers to guarantee the quality of the services we provide. 

Help on Material Selection
Fast Delivery 

We are structured to deliver a fast service with quality in every process of your project.


We guarantee the delivery of high quality services that are agreed upon for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Optmization of time execution

By optimizing our time, we increase efficiency to make the best and most effective use of the time available

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